5 Gym Shower Rules You Must Abide By

MORE than any other place in the world, the gym is where practicing proper etiquette is vital—especially in the shower. Just as courtesy on the gym floor is important, locker room manners matter. The rules are just a bit different when you’re sharing this private space with strangers.

From respecting the personal space of fellow fitness buffs to simply keeping the area clean, it pays to observe the following practices so you don’t come off as a gym douche:


Don’t walk around naked

Yes, it is your God-given right to let it all hang out over there. But you don’t have to patrol the entire locker room in your birthday suit.

Keep your showers short

Others are in line and, like you, have places to be and people to meet. Be mindful of the next person in line by freshening up quickly.

Respect personal space and clean up after yourself

No one likes the guy who dumps his stuff all over the locker room floor, so tidy up after yourself. Also, leave the shower the way it was when you stepped into it—without your used soap and shampoo sachet wrappers and drain hair.

Don’t pee in the shower

That’s what toilets and urinals are for, gents. How hard is it to walk a couple of feet to pee in the right place? How would you like it if you set foot on pee-sprayed shower tiles?

Don’t walk around dripping wet

Towel off before you get to the changing area. This area is meant to be dry to prevent others from slipping and getting injured.



Got that? Practice these and do your part as a responsible gym locker room user. Another thing you might want to remember: keep an extra bar of soap in your gym bag for someone who might need it. Better yet, keep the entire lineup of Blackwater Deo Soap handy. Available in four variants—Fiery Red, Green Horizon, Grey Marble, and Ultra Marine—it kills germs and keeps you smelling good. Whoever you might share any of these bars with will agree.


This article was created by Spin in partnership with Blackwater For Men.
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