A Man’s Guide To Matching Scents With Outfits


Let’s talk about outfits. It’s always best to look at it as a whole package that goes beyond just your clothes. Picking the right scent is just as important—our noses are easily triggered by odors, so matching your scent with your look will leave an indelible impression on the people you meet. Here’s a guide on how to do just that:


Casual can be shorts or pants, a tee or button-down, with jacket or without. A matching scent needs to be able to go with a range of options, so you need one with some distinction and character. We suggest picking one with uncommon fragrance notes like floral oriental and woody musk which you

can find in Blackwater Deo Mist in Fiery Red. It’s okay to pique curiosity with your scent.


The clothes for dressing sporty are easy: athleisure, your best sneakers, sleek tech fabric, and heather grey sweats. The scent? It better not bepawis and kulob gym air. You want an energizing scent that makes you feel like running around–even if you don’t actually have plans of sweating it out and just want to chill in a sporty fit. Go for something like Blackwater Deo Mist in Green Horizon, which has notes of uplifting elements like pineapple, orange flower, and aldehydic (or soapy vibes).

Smart Casual

Everyone’s happy medium between work and play, smart casual means trousers, button-downs, polos, and blazers that are remixed from becoming too “business-like” by folding them up or getting a looser fit. The matching scent should be something refreshing to reflect your outfit’s casual nature, but also with depth to go with the smart factor. Blackwater Deo Mist in Grey Marble hits the requirements of a proper smart casual outfit; it has notes of citrus floral but also woody and herbal musk to anchor it down.


Contrary to the anything-goes nature of casual, a formal outfit is quite structured: a suit, leather shoes, and your best timepiece. And, more than any other style on this list, the formal setting will be a place where a scent can easily stand out: an intimate restaurant setting, or the rarefied air of a boardroom with leather seats and hardwood floors. Since you’re already layered up, the most appropriate scent would be something deep and complex as well. Go for a scent like Blackwater Deo Mist in Ultra Marine with rich notes of cedarwood, vanilla, plum.

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