Aside From Grilling, Here Are Other Cool Things You Can Do With Charcoal

You probably have some at home right now..

Whether you’re a barbecue baron or the average Pinoy who enjoys a good liempo every now and then, odds are you’ve got some charcoal lying around the house. But don’t use it all up on the grill—here are five alternative uses for charcoal you probably didn’t know.

Deodorize your shoe closet

Some guys just can’t get that stink out of their shoes. Storing a small bag of charcoal inside your kicks will help dehumidify them, preventing odor-causing bacteria from growing.

Prevent rust

You know what else is caused by humidity? Rust. A lump of charcoal or two inside your toolbox will help keep your tools in top condition. You can do this with virtually anything at risk of developing rust, too, such as cast-iron pans and spare auto parts.


Make cheap vodka taste better

Wash a piece of activated charcoal thoroughly, put it in a coffee filter, and place the filter in a funnel—to make a DIY vodka filter! Run the booze through the filter several times to get rid of flavor-ruining impurities. The more you filter the vodka, the better it tastes.

Keep cut flowers fresh

Scored a few pogi points by buying your lady a bouquet? Stay in her good graces for longer by dropping a small piece of charcoal into the vase. This helps filter the water, keeping it fresh and prolonging the life of the flowers.

Stay pogi

Charcoal is excellent for getting rid of impurities, and that includes the stuff that makes your skin break out in zits. Look for a facial wash with charcoal in its formula.

Blackwater Charcoal Facial Wash, for example, is infused with charcoal powder that purifies your clogged pores, which leads to healthier skin. It also contains peppermint and water mint extract to keep your face feeling fresh after every wash. At just P12 per sachet, it’s an absolute steal. Who knew charcoal is great for staying pogi?


This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Blackwater For Men.
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