Barbie for Blackwater Women’s Deo Mist Collection



Gorgeous and fearless Barbie Imperial has found her inner beauty through her scent – Blackwater Women Deo Mist.


Barbie Imperial for Blackwater Women's Deo Mist Collection đź’–

See how Barbie Imperial pulls off 4 different looks inspired by Blackwater Women's Deo Mists— a new collection of playful yet mature scents for every type of woman 💗 Get our Deo Mist for only P120 each!

Nai-post ni Blackwater noong Lunes, Oktubre 15, 2018

The newest addition to Blackwater’s iconic scents, Blackwater Women Deo Mist is especially made for Filipino women like Barbie, who want to be bolder and to have a more mature feminine spirit.


Blackwater featured Barbie in a TVC to launch her as their newest brand ambassador for the finest personal care product in the market.


In the short clip, the actress and model is shown in different moods – being a bae in Midnight Blossom, sweet in Shades of Spring, powerful in Berries & Cream, and elegant and classy in Golden Sugar – with each state of mind matching a deo mist scent.


Barbie is known for her villainous roles. In 2018, she scored her biggest break portraying the lead role of Michelle Verano in the drama series Araw Gabi. Since joining reality TV show “Pinoy Big Brother” in 2015, the former housemate has slowly come out of her shell and has now found the beauty within her.


Get Barbie’s vibes with Midnight Blossom, blend of sweet citrus flavors and floral notes. For lush notes of plum and berries with a hint of vanilla, Berries & Cream is your best match. Shades of Spring offers citrus floral notes with a musky base for a warm and cozy scent, while Golden Sugar is a combination of vanilla and sweet fruity scents with a classic oriental base for a lingering scent.

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