Blackwater for Men and the Art of Scent

My mood was awakened by Blackwater for Men at the Art & Scent event early this month. For years now I stayed with my trusted perfume as part of my grooming routine because I’m picky with the scent I wear. Despite the many scents available in the market, I haven’t really explored to find a new one. I’m aware of Blackwater but haven’t really checked them out. I was surprised with what I have discovered.

Why am I picky? Because I tried others with not very good results. Some gave me a headache, while others didn’t really put me in a vibe that I’m looking for. While fragrance is supposed to make a good impression of you, for me, it has to make the wearer feel good first.

After all, a good scent sets you in a good mood, affecting how you feel about yourself. And that in turn, translates into how you move around. That’s what people see and how you’re being perceived by others.



At the Blackwater event, guests were treated to a fun afternoon designed to help us find our scent personality. The first stop was the scent bar, where all the different fragrance collections were gathered. We were introduced to the complete line of Blackwater products for men and women.



Blackwater For Men Intense Line of Fragrance

Blackwater Hair Products

Blackwater For Men Deep Line of Fragrance










I was drawn to the Blackwater for Men Fresh range of scents. These are light and refreshing, with that casual feel to it. I love them because that’s just how I want to feel – happy, carefree, easy scent and not pretentious. Exactly how I want in my environment and in life. I don’t want any drama or negativity.



Blackwater for Men definitely awakened my mood and that’s exactly how my moodboard have become. I love to travel, the beach and clean fun. I’m not really into booze and partying but more on enjoying life and new experiences with indulgence from time to time.



After the scent and art challenge, I had the chance to talk with graphologist Japs Reyes. He asked me to write some things and gave me an interpretation of my handwriting. The private consultation was quite interesting. Most of what he said of my personality was spot on; the others were something to think about.





Women were encouraged to explore the brand, too, with picks from the Blackwater Women line. They can choose from the sweet and delicate scent notes of the Flora collection or go bold with the more intense BW Activ. There’s also the lovely rosetinged bottle of Blackwater Gold which features a feminine yet complex fragrance blend.


Blackwater for Women Fresh line of fragrance


Blackwater for Women Deep line of fragrance


I enjoyed our activities at the Blackwater Art & Scent event. Blackwater for Men has introduced me into the art of scent which helped me determine what I really want in a fragrance. It’s great that the brand offers a wide selection of perfumes that I want. And they’re available at most groceries, department store beauty sections, and at Watsons. Affordable too, with price starting at Php120.


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