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With the tough challenges life constantly throws at us, the most important thing we should do is to stand strong and never give up. Just as the popular saying goes “No pain, no gain.” Rewards always come if we are ready to work for it.

It isn’t all about the willingness to do what you need to do though. To achieve your goals, one must be confident and believe that all things are possible. There shouldn’t be any room for doubt.

Confidence starts from within. To be confident, you need to basically work on strengthening your mental and emotional state so that people also respond positively to your physical well-being. It’s a holistic approach that will reap good rewards in the future.

One way to instantly boost your confidence is by simply working on your hygiene. It’s technically a no-brainer that when we smell good, we feel good – and when we feel good, we do great.

This is something BLACKWATER FRAGRANCES has always advocated. Blackwater understands how every spritz of your favorite scent becomes your instant pick-me-upper, refreshing the senses anytime of the day. With Blackwater’s various lines of body sprays, you’re sure to find that special scent to put you in the mood to do your best.

Blackwater is available in different variants such as Blackwater Classic, Blackwater II, and for those who lead an active lifestyle, Blackwater Sports is your best bet. It’s the perfect scent to use for casual days, special occasions, or whenever you just want to feel good (and trust us, you can do that as frequently as you want!)

So repeat after me: “I can, and I will!”

Dare To Go Sleeveless

Ask a woman which part of her body she’s most shy to show off and one of the top answers would always be the underarms. The penchant to achieve smooth and white underarms has been prevalent with the slew of advertisements showing celebrities baring their picture perfect skin, raising their arms with joy to reveal virtually smooth and even skin tone at every angle. Come closer and you can just imagine them smelling just as divine.

Achieving this kind of perfection for underarms that look and smell good isn’t something you do overnight and expect immediate results. Reality is, those attractive underarms are a result of two key factors: consistent good hygiene and the use of quality products to improve the appearance of the skin.



Bath time is where it all begins. One of the tried and tested ways of achieving light-colored underarms is to use a trusted skin lightening soap such as Blackwater for Women Skin Lightening Soap. Blackwater’s soap helps effectively exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion thanks to its powerful whitening ingredient, Kojic acid.  It also contains Salicylic Acid which is a known skin conditioner to help maintain the skin’s softness, and smoothness.

As an added bonus, Blackwater Women soaps are also infused with a distinctively floral fragrance that makes bath time truly enjoyable.



Going sleeveless isn’t all about baring even-toned, smooth looking skin. Remember, having beautiful looking underarms is of no use if they do not smell as good as it looks. That being said, always follow up with a good deodorant such as BLACKWATER WOMEN DEO-SPRAY. It contains Triclosan, a powerful anti-bacterial ingredient which protects the skin from odor causing germs keeping your underarms feeling and smelling fresh even up to the late hours of the night. It also comes in six alluring scents that easily compliment the fragrance of your bath soap prolonging the feminine scents you’ve come to enjoy.


At the end of the day, daring to go sleeveless is all about confidence. Be confident with the way you look, and confident especially with the way you smell. With products such as Blackwater Women Soap and Deo-spray, achieving those coveted pristine looking and smelling underarms will no longer be just a dream, but can now be a reality.

Choosing The Right Scent

blackwater classic

We already know the importance of smelling good. In fact, more men are now learning about the power of scent, and how a good spritz of your favorite body spray can either make or break your day.

Preferably, it’s good to own one you can call your “signature scent”; something you can rely on to smell and feel good anytime of the day. But for special occasions such as night outs, or perhaps, for more casual days, the question is: are you wearing the appropriate scent?

It’s a good idea to invest in fragrance options for different occasions. Think of it this way: would you wear ordinary clothes inside a fine dining restaurant?

That being said, here are four criteria’s to think of when choosing your next fragrance wardrobe.



Unless you really are old, steer clear from overly spicy scents that people equate to your grandfather. Your safest bet would be something that smells clean and fresh, or what people call “out-of-the-shower scent.” You can never go wrong with the timeless soft aquatic notes such as those found in BLACKWATER CLASSIC AQUA to feel fresh anytime, anywhere.



Some days call for a stronger scent, especially occasions that demand a more masculine and confident you such as family gatherings, outings, or even date nights. Take your fragrance up a notch by choosing the same aquatic notes you love but with heavier hints of musk. BLACKWATER CLASSIC AMBITIOUS has just the right mixture of muskiness that easily takes you from day to night without smelling too plain.



Life isn’t all about play. For days that call for showing them who’s boss, BLACKWATER CLASSIC DYNAMIC has got you covered. With its darker and intense mixture of distinctively masculine fragrance notes, there’s no mistaking that you are a man who works hard, and plays ha



Lastly, your scent should bring out smiles rather than offending the nose of those around you. Choosing a scent isn’t all about smelling good for ourselves only. In reality, we want people to positively respond to us too. Find the right balance of clean and sexy with the clean grassy notes of BLACKWATER CLASSIC SPORTY which can be used for all occasions, from dusk ‘till dawn.


Remember to choose a scent that not only helps showcase your best qualities, but one that also leaves a good impression with passers-by. At best, when choosing the right scent to use, simply aim for a win-win situation.


Blackwater fragrances are available in all leading department stores, groceries, convenience stores nationwide. You can also purchase them online through www.takatack.com (search for Blackwater).






Blackwater Sports bags PBA D-League 2013 Championship title

To some, going against a giant can be a bit impossible but Blackwater Sports proves this belief wrong. The league’s dark horse, Blackwater Sports, stole away the championship title from its long-time holder, NLEX Road Warriors yesterday, June 10 at the Ynares Sports Arena, Pasig City.

It wasn’t an easy win though. The first two quarters were won over by NLEX Road Warriors leaving Blackwater Sports several points behind. But Elite fans never lost the spirit and the faith in their team. Elites quickly got back in the game, scoring close to the opponent at the end of the third quarter.

And just like other competitions, it’s the last round and the final numbers that really count. The game ended with a score 80-74 in favor of the Elites. “We proved that any team can win,” said Blackwater Sports coach Leo Isaac. These words from the champion team’s coach inspires everyone and makes the people believe that there’s really no substitute for hard work.IMG_0416





Blackwater Sports outduels Boracay Rum in Game 3, earns right to challenge defending champion NLEX via http://pbadleague.com.ph/news-page/1370349815/

When the time to shine came, Pari Llagas and Kevin Ferrer readily responded to the challenge.

The duo made the key plays in the closing minutes to power Blackwater Sports to an 82-74 victory over Boracay Rum in the deciding Game 3 of their semi-final series on Tuesday at the Blue Eagle gym in Ateneo.

Their scrambling victory earned the Elite a chance to challenge the defending champion NLEX Road Warriors for the PBA D-League Foundation Cup.

Game 1 of the best-of-3 series starts Thursday at 3 p.m. at the Ynares Arena in Pasig City.

After Jeff Vierness tied the score at 70, the Elite put away the pesky Waves with a 12-4 run in the last 3:17.

After Allan Mangahas broke the deadlock with a free throw, Llagas scored on a soft hook in the lane and Ferrer completed a steal off Sabelina to give the Elite a 75-70 lead with 2:16 remaining.

“I thought that steal of Kevin was the turning point of the game. Once he completed the play, I thought we already had control of the game,” Isaac said.

Mangahas, held to five points on 1 of 11 shooting in Game 2, led all scorers with 22 points. Robby Celiz had 14 while Llagas and Ferrer chipped in 11 apiece for the Elite, who are making their first finals appearance in five conferences.

Justine Chua, who sustained a cut in his head late in the third quarter returned with 7:42 remaining and finished the game with 10 points and 12 rebounds s Blackwater Sports dominated the boards, 47-38.

“I keep telling my boys “to make a mark in this league you have to challenge NLEX.” This is the time to do it,” Isaac said.

Blackwater Sports got off to a good start and led by as many as 10 points in the first quarter.

But as they did in Game 2, the Waves stayed patient and slowly clawed back with tenacious defense and hustle.

Boracay Rum dominated the second and third quarters and was holding on to a 65-63 lead with 6:14 left in the fourth quarter when the Waves started to sputter and miss crucial shots. The Waves committed 5 of their total 18 turnovers in the fourth and made just 4 of 13 attempts in the period.

“I kept telling my players discipline will win us games. I thought they displayed it when the game was on the line,” Isaac said.

It was anything goes after Viernes knocked a 3-pointer to tie the count at 70-all with 3:18 remaining.

But Stephen Siruma was assessed a technical for a delay of game and Mangahas madde the free throw to put Blackwater Sports back on top. Then after Boracay missed on their next possession Llagas scored in the lane over Mac Sabellina before Ferrer capped the rally with a steal and a basket as the Elite took control.

Viernes and Ken Acibar scored 16 points apiece for Boracay Rum but didn’t get enough support. The only other Boracay player in double figure was Sabellina with 12. (Dave Coros)

The scores:

Blackwater Sports 82 – Mangahs 22, Celiz 14, Ferrer 11, Llagas 11, Chua 10, Bagatsing 8, Ciriacruz 4, Pe 2, Vigil 0, Mangahs J. 0, Suguitan 0.

Boracay Rum 74 – Acibar 16, Viernes 16, Sabellina 12, Fernandez 8, Taha 8, Siruma 5, Rosopa 5, Arellano 2, Eguillos 1, Ilagan 1, Pasculado 0, Tagarada 0.

Quarters: 18-14; 34-37; 55-58; 82-74


Hyram Bagatsing (C) taps the ball away from Jeff Viernes (L) and Raymond Ilagan. Jeff Venancio via http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/311380/sports/basketball/pba-dl-blackwater-book-first-trip-to-finals-withstand-late-boracay-rum-charge

Blackwater invades the World of Men

Mr. Pacific World-Philippines Blackwater Awardee

Gearing towards realizing its vision to develop the youth’s enthusiasm to actively participate on the contemporary initiatives of the society, Zaldy International Talent Inc. together with Blackwater For Men produced the Mr. Pacific World-Philippines competition.

Enhancing its priority to hone a mindset of awareness among the candidates, Blackwater works out in line with the drive of the Mr. Pacific World-Philippines to inculcate to the candidates that their role in the society does not only delve on the physical attributes. And as its way to encourage the candidates to be more confident and spirited, Blackwater provided a vast collection of whiffs that lifted the esteem and buoyancy of the men who dared to reach the title of Mr. Pacific World-Philippines.

The Grand Coronation Night held at the Metro Bar, Quezon City saw a big crowd cheering over 30 male candidates as they brandished their physical and intellectual wares up to the finish. As part of its major sponsorship of the event, gift items for judges, VIPs, organizers and participants were given by Blackwater.  








Blackwater For Men Boosts Gerneration East

Akin to its drive to strengthen its share on driving the modern men to be active and outgoing, Blackwater For Men in cooperation with Sta. Lucia Metro East Mall launched the search for Image Model for Sta. Lucia Metro East 2011.

The Blackwater confidence...

On the Grand Fashion show held on May 27, 2011 at the Entertainment Center of Sta. Lucia East Mall, the candidates donned the Blackwater shirts and Careline Cosmetics halters took the limelight to promote the products.

The Grand Finals Night saw two beautiful creatures, Hanna Mariz dela Guerra, 18 years old Atenean student and Daniel Sindo, 19, captured the spotlight by taking Miss Careline-Generation East and Mr. Blackwater-Generation East awards, respectively.  Among other winners was Miss Pink Water awardee Sarah M. Obias, 16 years of age from Centro Escolar University.

Generation East Model Search winners

Priding itself with wide array of scents, Blackwater For Men boosted the confidence of the hunks during the Finals Night while with its chic beauty products Careline Cosmetics made the pretty ladies appear more beautiful on-stage. Gift items courtesy of Careline Cosmetics, Blackwater For Men and Pink Water were given to the organizers, judges and participants of the event.

The Last of Summer

Summer will soon end! This time, make sure that you’ve given yourself the best treat for your summer. In the last months of summer, take time to relax, enjoy and at the same time make it memorable by simply appreciating it. From the busy city to the old streets of provinces, keep it cool with Blackwater.

New in town no more. You’ve stayed with your folks for a little longer already and met different faces. Before you leave, make sure that you’ve given them an impression that will definitely last. We are not talking about bad boy image here but rather an image that girls would love and your peers will really admire.

The secret of being a good boy is to simply be yourself. Being cool and confident is a nice attitude but be sure that you still know your limits and will not break rules that may result to a problem. As you give yourself a last chance to enjoy your vacation before summer ends, make sure that you do the things that make you happy like being with friends or new found friends, talking to the new girl or helping your elders. You can also make use of this time to live a healthy life, get into sports or discover your talent like dancing or singing.

In your last hurrah, Blackwater continue to give you the utmost care you need. Get attention and completely charm the crowd with your boy-next-door appeal with Blackwater Jr.

Blackwater Jr., the fragrance for teenage boys is your partner to keep you cool and fresh all day. Your last hurrah will never be this awesome without Blackwater Jr.

Get cool and hot this summer with Blackwater Jr.

King of the World

Summer Love

Reunite with nature this summer as you make a new way to reinvent your cliché summer escapade. From the usual beach hottie, be the perfect man with all the cool new things about you that women will really find cute and super adorable.

Here we give you tips on how you will rock your summer, enjoy the sun and be the love of your dream girl with the help of Blackwater.

Be the dream boy by simply knowing how you can catch her attention. It’s either you sport a new look or try new sports but always remember to keep it cool and continue to be yourself.

You can be the Romantic Dude and drop by the ocean, walk hand in hand with her and watch sunrise together or you can be the Sporty Dude who loves playing sports and simply becomes the crowd favorite.

Never mind about the heat of the sun or being sweaty all day because Blackwater Jr. keeps all young men the liberty of smelling good all day.

Get hooked with the scents of Blackwater Jr. that brings out the best in you. Keep yourself cool and fresh throughout the day with the refreshing aroma of Raiders, Vikings, Patriots and Warriors.

Blackwater Tip:

For the modern men, try Blackwater Elite and sport an elegant scent that women find very alluring.