The Last of Summer

Summer will soon end! This time, make sure that you’ve given yourself the best treat for your summer. In the last months of summer, take time to relax, enjoy and at the same time make it memorable by simply appreciating it. From the busy city to the old streets of provinces, keep it cool with Blackwater.

New in town no more. You’ve stayed with your folks for a little longer already and met different faces. Before you leave, make sure that you’ve given them an impression that will definitely last. We are not talking about bad boy image here but rather an image that girls would love and your peers will really admire.

The secret of being a good boy is to simply be yourself. Being cool and confident is a nice attitude but be sure that you still know your limits and will not break rules that may result to a problem. As you give yourself a last chance to enjoy your vacation before summer ends, make sure that you do the things that make you happy like being with friends or new found friends, talking to the new girl or helping your elders. You can also make use of this time to live a healthy life, get into sports or discover your talent like dancing or singing.

In your last hurrah, Blackwater continue to give you the utmost care you need. Get attention and completely charm the crowd with your boy-next-door appeal with Blackwater Jr.

Blackwater Jr., the fragrance for teenage boys is your partner to keep you cool and fresh all day. Your last hurrah will never be this awesome without Blackwater Jr.

Get cool and hot this summer with Blackwater Jr.

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