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With the tough challenges life constantly throws at us, the most important thing we should do is to stand strong and never give up. Just as the popular saying goes “No pain, no gain.” Rewards always come if we are ready to work for it. It isn’t all about the willingness to do what you […]

Dare To Go Sleeveless

Ask a woman which part of her body she’s most shy to show off and one of the top answers would always be the underarms. The penchant to achieve smooth and white underarms has been prevalent with the slew of advertisements showing celebrities baring their picture perfect skin, raising their arms with joy to reveal […]

Choosing The Right Scent

We already know the importance of smelling good. In fact, more men are now learning about the power of scent, and how a good spritz of your favorite body spray can either make or break your day. Preferably, it’s good to own one you can call your “signature scent”; something you can rely on to […]