Choosing The Right Scent

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We already know the importance of smelling good. In fact, more men are now learning about the power of scent, and how a good spritz of your favorite body spray can either make or break your day.

Preferably, it’s good to own one you can call your “signature scent”; something you can rely on to smell and feel good anytime of the day. But for special occasions such as night outs, or perhaps, for more casual days, the question is: are you wearing the appropriate scent?

It’s a good idea to invest in fragrance options for different occasions. Think of it this way: would you wear ordinary clothes inside a fine dining restaurant?

That being said, here are four criteria’s to think of when choosing your next fragrance wardrobe.



Unless you really are old, steer clear from overly spicy scents that people equate to your grandfather. Your safest bet would be something that smells clean and fresh, or what people call “out-of-the-shower scent.” You can never go wrong with the timeless soft aquatic notes such as those found in BLACKWATER CLASSIC AQUA to feel fresh anytime, anywhere.



Some days call for a stronger scent, especially occasions that demand a more masculine and confident you such as family gatherings, outings, or even date nights. Take your fragrance up a notch by choosing the same aquatic notes you love but with heavier hints of musk. BLACKWATER CLASSIC AMBITIOUS has just the right mixture of muskiness that easily takes you from day to night without smelling too plain.



Life isn’t all about play. For days that call for showing them who’s boss, BLACKWATER CLASSIC DYNAMIC has got you covered. With its darker and intense mixture of distinctively masculine fragrance notes, there’s no mistaking that you are a man who works hard, and plays ha



Lastly, your scent should bring out smiles rather than offending the nose of those around you. Choosing a scent isn’t all about smelling good for ourselves only. In reality, we want people to positively respond to us too. Find the right balance of clean and sexy with the clean grassy notes of BLACKWATER CLASSIC SPORTY which can be used for all occasions, from dusk ‘till dawn.


Remember to choose a scent that not only helps showcase your best qualities, but one that also leaves a good impression with passers-by. At best, when choosing the right scent to use, simply aim for a win-win situation.


Blackwater fragrances are available in all leading department stores, groceries, convenience stores nationwide. You can also purchase them online through (search for Blackwater).






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