Dare To Go Sleeveless

Ask a woman which part of her body she’s most shy to show off and one of the top answers would always be the underarms. The penchant to achieve smooth and white underarms has been prevalent with the slew of advertisements showing celebrities baring their picture perfect skin, raising their arms with joy to reveal virtually smooth and even skin tone at every angle. Come closer and you can just imagine them smelling just as divine.

Achieving this kind of perfection for underarms that look and smell good isn’t something you do overnight and expect immediate results. Reality is, those attractive underarms are a result of two key factors: consistent good hygiene and the use of quality products to improve the appearance of the skin.



Bath time is where it all begins. One of the tried and tested ways of achieving light-colored underarms is to use a trusted skin lightening soap such as Blackwater for Women Skin Lightening Soap. Blackwater’s soap helps effectively exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion thanks to its powerful whitening ingredient, Kojic acid.  It also contains Salicylic Acid which is a known skin conditioner to help maintain the skin’s softness, and smoothness.

As an added bonus, Blackwater Women soaps are also infused with a distinctively floral fragrance that makes bath time truly enjoyable.



Going sleeveless isn’t all about baring even-toned, smooth looking skin. Remember, having beautiful looking underarms is of no use if they do not smell as good as it looks. That being said, always follow up with a good deodorant such as BLACKWATER WOMEN DEO-SPRAY. It contains Triclosan, a powerful anti-bacterial ingredient which protects the skin from odor causing germs keeping your underarms feeling and smelling fresh even up to the late hours of the night. It also comes in six alluring scents that easily compliment the fragrance of your bath soap prolonging the feminine scents you’ve come to enjoy.


At the end of the day, daring to go sleeveless is all about confidence. Be confident with the way you look, and confident especially with the way you smell. With products such as Blackwater Women Soap and Deo-spray, achieving those coveted pristine looking and smelling underarms will no longer be just a dream, but can now be a reality.

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