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Choosing The Right Scent

We already know the importance of smelling good. In fact, more men are now learning about the power of scent, and how a good spritz of your favorite body spray can either make or break your day. Preferably, it’s good to own one you can call your “signature scent”; something you can rely on to […]

The Last of Summer

Summer will soon end! This time, make sure that you’ve given yourself the best treat for your summer. In the last months of summer, take time to relax, enjoy and at the same time make it memorable by simply appreciating it. From the busy city to the old streets of provinces, keep it cool with […]

Summer Love

Reunite with nature this summer as you make a new way to reinvent your cliché summer escapade. From the usual beach hottie, be the perfect man with all the cool new things about you that women will really find cute and super adorable. Here we give you tips on how you will rock your summer, […]

Romance Revisited: Scent-sing the Right Smell for MEN

Believe it or not but there are some men who find it difficult to spot the right scent for them especially this Valentine’s Day. With all the body sprays, cologne and perfumes cluttering the department stores, some men fall into the pit of confusion and sadly make the biggest mistake of their lives. Women don’t […]