Romance Revisited: Scent-sing the Right Smell for MEN

Believe it or not but there are some men who find it difficult to spot the right scent for them especially this Valentine’s Day. With all the body sprays, cologne and perfumes cluttering the department stores, some men fall into the pit of confusion and sadly make the biggest mistake of their lives.

Women don’t expect us to smell good — not the way we might expect a woman to. I know most women wish that we’d smell clean and fresh, but smelling good for men is more of a bonus. If you’re a man who would like to go out of his way to smell good, bonus points for you! But might I suggest you try to do so in an understated way, rather than go over the top with your dad’s bottle of cologne, Smelling good starts long before the cologne comes out. Read on for tips on how to smell good and get the ladies being all crazy and stuff.

1. Remember your Hygiene.

The best way to start smelling good is having a good habit of hygiene. Take a good deal of time in your bathroom and clean yourself well. Brush your teeth and if necessary use a mouth wash to stay fresh longer. Use a nice shampoo and soap to remove all dirt from head to toe. Finally, use a manly deodorant to be stink-free all day long.

2.  Well Groomed Men Are always well loved.

Women go ‘gaga’ over men with impeccable grooming. It shows how well you take care of yourself so always be mindful of your grooming. Shine those shoes and clean your clothes.

3. Sprit some Cologne.

Smelling good should be in and out! Take a bottle of your favorite cologne with you and sprit on your neck, body and even on clothes. But guys, cologne shouldn’t be heavy on the pocket to smell good. That’s where my favorite Blackwater Elite comes in. It has four scents that will best suit

your taste and lifestyle.

Tips on how to smell good and feel good especially this Valentine’s Day.

•           Carmelo – spice up your day with a subtle scent of romance.

•           Wade – a classic scent for an authentic and cool personality.

•           Kobe – get a feeling of freshness and earthy feel.

•           Lebron – perfect scent for active and sporty guys.

Blackwater Elite: Scent of a Man

Hot in Black

Hot and sexy? Blackwater brings you Mr. Olivarez 2011 candidates! Their hot, their sexy, their good-looking, their talented and most of all their intelligent. Who wouldn’t go after these guys?

All of these young men show what a true man does have. Blackwater is never tired of finding and discovering new faces that perfectly fits the brand.

Oozing with sex appeal and confidence, check out these photos from Mr. and Ms. Olivarez 2011 and see more men – hot hot hot and intelligent!

Ever Success

27 years? Not anymore because this year, Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. will celebrate its 28th year in making all Filipino lives beautiful.

Last January 7, the big bosses of Ever Bilena and the endorsers gather for a photo shoot.

Grand and Glamorous, the shoot shows the growing family of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. and the continuous success of the company in the industry. The endorsers did not mind the weather at all, with smiles of their faces, each of them faced the camera with glowing beauty and awesome personality, the perfect traits of a true Ever Bilena endorser.

Here are some of the Behind The Scene photos:

Check out the rest of the photos on March in different magazines!

Blackwater Evolution

Blackwater was introduced to the public as a personal care line for men specializing in body care. Starting from body sprays, Blackwater also added deodorants, soaps and eau de toilette in its collection.

Blackwater Body Spray provided active men with a choice to keep them fresh all day, whether they are hanging out with friends, working out or playing the sports they love, with Blackwater around they are sure to smell good and feel good until the day ends.

With the launching of Blackwater Elite Homme eau de toilette, the brand provided better alternatives with a touch of sensuality. This new collection aims give men a spritz of modernity and style throughout the day.

As the brand progresses, even the endorser, Asiansation, Christian Bautista reinvented himself. From being a wanna-be in singing contests, Christian is now an international artist invading the rest of Asia with his talent and machismo.

At present, Blackwater is very eager in creating more choices that will fit different personality, lifestyle and activities of men. The brand recently launched Blackwater Jr. in the market, the perfect fragrance line for teenage boys.

From morning until the end of the day, with Blackwater and Blackwater Jr. around, there is indeed no awful feeling and uncomfortable moment. Start fresh with Blackwater and Blackwater Jr.

Black-to-Black to Back-to-Back birthday bash.

Blackwater has been proud of Christian Bautista, being the face fit for Blackwater for the past two year. An active and successful modern man, Christian has truly become irresistible to women across generations.

Christian has just renewed his contract with Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. for its fragrance line for men.

Sam Concepcion is the newest addition to the growing family of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. Young, hip and cool, Sam is the perfect face for Blackwater Jr. A humungous female of the young generation spun crazy over this teenage heartthrob.

This Sunday, these two heart-captivating icons will celebrate their birthdays in A.S.A.P. Catch them perform and melt your hearts wild.

Sam Concepcion Visits Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom is known or extreme rides and a lot of people visit the place. This time, Sam Concepcion took a break and visited South. Well, he did not simply go there to just have fun but to also support Careline Cosmetics in its new realm.

As endorser of Blackwater Jr. and part of Ever Bilena Cosmetics, Inc. family, Sam Concepcion supported the grand opening of Princess Victoria Dream Shop by Careline.

During the press conference held in Amazon Grill, Sam sing and danced, proved his a multi-talented artist. He also visited the Shop together with Yssa, Careline Tweeny endorser.

Awesome Sam!

Sam is best known as Boy Bawang, a super hero idolized by Super Inggo but his biggest break was when he emerged as champion in a singing contest.

With his charms, talent and boyish look, he surely make teen girls’ heart beat faster. All of these characteristics make him perfect endorser of Blackwater Jr.

His playful personality and active lifestyle shows the same kind of life that most teenage boys prefer. Active and funny, Sam is the type who goes with the flow but never forgets who he is.

During the press conference, he sang a few songs from his album and gave a short speech about how thankful he is to be the endorser of the brand.

See more of Sam in the coming months as he performs in the public with Blackwater Jr.

Rock like Sam

Hey there young boys! Blackwater has another ultimate offer for guys out there. After catering the needs of men, Blackwater is surprising young boys and launched Blackwater Jr.

Blackwater Jr. is the newest line from Blackwater catering to the needs of young boys who lives their life to the fullest.

Sam Concepcion is the endorser of Blackwater Jr. Last August 18, Sam had a shoot with Blackwater Jr. and he showed his super cool side. Aside from being a good dancer, Sam happens to be good in skateboards too.

He is indeed the best young man to represent Blackwater Jr. He is energetic, talented, good looking and most of all, a good person.

Rock like Sam with Blackwater Jr.!

It’s Raining MEN!

How often do you see men in trunks? Well, Blackwater gives you a glimpse of some of the candidates in Mr. STI.

Tall, handsome and lean. Who would not fall for these guys plus they have an attitude that women likes. While walking in stage, these men are confident enough to show their bodies and believe that they are god-given gift to women.

These men are not just men with big bodies, oozing sex appeal and confidence but they are also intelligent. If not, why would they even compete in such pageant that looks for the perfect STI man.

Blackwater salutes all men who are confident enough to show their bodies and feel good about themselves. Feeling good and smelling good is a great factor to boost your confidence. Grab Blackwater today and feel good All day!

Blackwater is a proud sponsor of MR. STI!

Scents and Style for MEN

Weekend is finally here! Will you be out to party? Or you will go out on a date?

If you are the kind or man who wants to impress your date, especially it is the first time, try to dress up. Women love men who have sense of style. Also, clothes have been an investment too that it becomes part of men’s riches, a status symbol.

Here’s a tip. Do not overdo your look but make sure that you are dressed nicely. Settle for colors that makes you comfortable but if you want to be daring, try the light colors. Women loves pink, you can use this color to show your sensitivity and intimacy.

If you want to look tall, try wearing clothes with vertical stripes which creates an illusion of you being taller than your real height. Stripes, whether vertical or horizontal helps you channel authority and masculinity.

Complete your style with a perfume that matches your look, your lifestyle and your personality. Blackwater Body Spray has four scents which perfectly fit to the different lifestyle of men. Choose from Sporty, Dynamic, Ambitious and Aqua!