First Impressions with Blackwater

We all know that first impressions last. We all go through extra mile just to make a good one. A stylish outfit, carefully curated accessories, and a well-groomed appearance all work to make you look attractive but if you want to be remembered, a good personal fragrance is a must.



Blackwater knows the importance of setting the right mood because it affects how you feel about yourself as well as how other people perceive you.


With this in mind, the brand held an intimate event last August 2 with lifestyle bloggers to introduce them to the extensive product offerings that cater to the personal grooming needs of both men and women.

Guests were treated to a fun afternoon designed to help them find their scent personality.



Their first stop was the scent bar, where all the different fragrance collections were gathered.


After trying out the different scents and picking out their favorites, guests were invited to create a moodboard that reflected the emotions evoked by their chosen Blackwater fragrance and influenced their style.





Women were encouraged to explore the brand, too, with picks from the Blackwater Women line. They can choose from the sweet and delicate scent notes of the Flora collection or go bold with the more intense BW Activ. There’s also the lovely rose- tinged bottle of Blackwater Gold which features a feminine yet complex fragrance blend.





Blackwater is available at most groceries, department store beauty sections, and at Watsons. Prices start at P120.


For inquiries, requests, and collaborations, please contact: Ivan Carlo M. Banez, Brand Manager


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