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Most men are active! That we can never deny. Most of these hyper men we meet everyday are addicted in playing basketball, working out in gyms and partying that they sweat a lot more than women do. And because of this, men need stronger protection from unwanted body odors to keep them smelling good and looking fresh.

And because of these facts, Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc. knows what men need. Aside from the Cosmetics that women need, Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc. created Blackwater to cater the need of men’s personal grooming and the daily protection they must have. From Roll-on Deodorants, Deo-Soaps, Body Spray and eau de toilette, Blackwater products are perfect for active men who are all in for fun, adventure and challenges.

Because of the self-renewing scents of Blackwater, the harder these men work or play, the products on the other hand work harder too. Blackwater Body Spray is a collection of legendary fragrances for modern men with authentic and cool personalities. It is a passport to freshness, masculinity, extreme sensations and independence. It suits every type of skin, satisfying even the most discriminating.

Blackwater Body Spray has four exciting scents, Aqua, Dynamic, Ambitious and Sporty which can be easily identified with men, their varied personalities and their daily activities. Blackwater Body Spray Aqua has a scent for a cool and soothing freshness. Blackwater Body Spray Dynamic has a scent that exudes intensity without being too overpowering. Blackwater Body Spray Ambitious has an undeniably charismatic scent. While Blackwater Body Spray Sporty has an energizing aura that makes a man ready for every thing.

Blackwater Roll-on Deodorant and Blackwater Deo-soap are perfect for active men who always seek for fun and have the play of exploring the world where he belongs.

The newest fragrance line from Blackwater is Blackwater Elite Homme. BLACKWATER ELITE HOMME eau de toilette is a collection of contemporary fragrances that appeal to men bearing the mark of modernity and complexity. An array of masculine scents with a sharp blend of striking contrast that women find extremely alluring and irresistible.

BLACKWATER ELITE HOMME has four scents to choose from. These scents are all named from top-caliber personalities always in want of the multifaceted definition of modernity which is epitomized through a combination of playful, energetic, fun and highly complex fragrances. BLACKWATER ELITE HOMME will swathe you wherever you go… subtle, yet with a sensitive tinge of freshness, lightness and decency.

BLACKWATER ELITE WADE has a fun concoction of captivating power and the masculine thrill on fire. BLACKWATER ELITE LEBRON has a tempo quickening scent for fantasy always on the mood for relaxing pleasures. BLACKWATER ELITE KOBE has a scent for an impetuous crest of scents for successful personalities who made instant headlines. A scent scoring as the best option for men who work hard notwithstanding the cause for leisure. BLACKWATER ELITE CARMELO has a fragrance character for a transparent modern man who desires perfection in everyway.

Blackwater. Smell Good Feel Good.

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