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Maintain a fresh look and a fresh attitude! Secondary to having an admirable face, guys are expected to look clean, smell good, and act like a decent guy. How do you achieve these most-wanted guy feats for the upcoming school year? Here are tips for you

Sharing is caring, but sharing your personal stuff with others is a big hygiene no-no. Own a towel of your own and as much as possible, never share it with anyone. The same goes with your under garments, deodorant, bath soap, and body scrub. Secure these items to avoid incurring bad odor.

Though some occasions require us to "dress to kill," it is still best to choose comfort over style. Wear clothes that fit your body just right-not too loose and not too tight. Also, choose clothes that have comfortable textures, like those made of cotton. Clothes made of light material allow air to pass through it and make it possible for the skin to breathe. Always opt for clothes that will not make you sweat and feel uncomfortable.

Each of us has a unique trait and character that we should be proud of. We can use these in dealing with people around us. Be yourself and be confident! People like it when people see your true colors. Always remember to be kind; you don't know what people are going through. Make them feel better by offering a smile.

And to boost your confidence more, it's great to have a trusty fragrance that will make you smell good and feel good amidst all the pressures you're going through. Blackwater Jr. has fresh, contemporary, and masculine scents that will take your personality into a new level.

Be the guy that everyone likes, thanks to these tips from fresh guy Sam Conception!

Christian Bautista- Hygiene Tips

Rain or Shine: Tips for Cool Guys
Being a tropical country, we experience two seasons. Whether it’s the dry or the wet season, you must always be looking good, feeling good, and smelling good. Here are tips for you.

Load up on the good stuff!
Feeling good starts from having a healthy body. Take vitamins, eat your balanced diet, and drink lots of fresh juices. Load up on vitamin C because it is an antioxidant that protects the body against stress. Vitamin C is definitely a must in order to prevent unwanted sickness caused by the change in weather. It is also needed by the body for healing wounds, and for repairing and maintaining bones and teeth.

Suit up!
The cold weather renders you vulnerable to colds and cough. Thus, hoodies, jackets, and cardigans are a must in order to fight the cold temperature. These are also stylish pieces to carry even when it is not raining. Layering your clothes will definitely look snappy and smart whether you’re in school or at work.

Keep water proof shoes!
The counterpart of the ladies’ jelly footwear is the rubber-made footwear for men. These kinds of footwear offer a variety of styles from flipflops to clogs, and from slip-ons to boat shoes. The advent of rubber-made footwear makes it easier for us to breeze through the rainy season. Even when they get wet, it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to dry them up. They’re also perfect for summer as they are designed to make the feet breathe. Indeed, these kinds of shoes provide comfort for the feet, regardless of the season.

Be lively!
And to amp up your look, don’t forget to wear a scent that unleashes the cool guy in you. Blackwater Elite Homme comes in different scents that take your personality into a whole new level. These scents will definitely turn your days into lively and warm days!

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