A Man’s Guide To Matching Scents With Outfits

Let’s talk about outfits. It’s always best to look at it as a whole package that goes beyond just your clothes. Picking the right scent is just as important—our noses are easily triggered by odors, so matching your scent with your look will leave an indelible impression on the people you meet. Here’s a guide on how to do just that:


Casual can be shorts or pants, a tee or button-down, with jacket or without. A matching scent needs to be able to go with a range of options, so you need one with some distinction and character. We suggest picking one with uncommon fragrance notes like floral oriental and woody musk which you

can find in Blackwater Deo Mist in Fiery Red. It’s okay to pique curiosity with your scent.


The clothes for dressing sporty are easy: athleisure, your best sneakers, sleek tech fabric, and heather grey sweats. The scent? It better not bepawis and kulob gym air. You want an energizing scent that makes you feel like running around–even if you don’t actually have plans of sweating it out and just want to chill in a sporty fit. Go for something like Blackwater Deo Mist in Green Horizon, which has notes of uplifting elements like pineapple, orange flower, and aldehydic (or soapy vibes).

Smart Casual

Everyone’s happy medium between work and play, smart casual means trousers, button-downs, polos, and blazers that are remixed from becoming too “business-like” by folding them up or getting a looser fit. The matching scent should be something refreshing to reflect your outfit’s casual nature, but also with depth to go with the smart factor. Blackwater Deo Mist in Grey Marble hits the requirements of a proper smart casual outfit; it has notes of citrus floral but also woody and herbal musk to anchor it down.


Contrary to the anything-goes nature of casual, a formal outfit is quite structured: a suit, leather shoes, and your best timepiece. And, more than any other style on this list, the formal setting will be a place where a scent can easily stand out: an intimate restaurant setting, or the rarefied air of a boardroom with leather seats and hardwood floors. Since you’re already layered up, the most appropriate scent would be something deep and complex as well. Go for a scent like Blackwater Deo Mist in Ultra Marine with rich notes of cedarwood, vanilla, plum.

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5 pampapogi tips your man can learn from matinee idols

Not all guys have artistahin appeal, but that doesn’t mean your partner can’t achieve that same gwapo aura. Check out the following grooming and styling tips to help your man transform into your very own hunky honey:

1. PRACTICE PROPER HYGIENE. Looking and smelling mabango is not just about picking a good cologne. Help him give off a more handsome vibe by recommending an anti-bacterial soap with a matching light body spray, like Blackwater Deo Soap and Blackwater Deo Mist. Starting the day with a shower using anti-bacterial and deodorizing products will help your man look and smell fresh throughout the day.

2. MANAGE THE FACIAL HAIR. Getting a haircut every two weeks isn’t enough; he needs to look after his facial hair, too. If he has a beard or moustache, he’ll need to trim it regularly to keep it looking neat. For a clean-shaven look, he will need daily maintenance to keep his face stubble-free. Oh, and don’t forget to check his eyebrows to clean up a scary unibrow and nose hairs to trim any excessively long strands!

3. PICK CLOTHES THAT FIT WELL. It’s not about name-brand clothes. Crisp, clean, well-pressed pieces tailored to his particular shape are the key to TV star-quality style. Make sure his pants are not too long or too short—the hems of his pants should just skim the tops of his shoes. Too-long pant legs that bunch at the ends will make him look shabby; too short and his legs will look shorter than they are. They shouldn’t be baggy or saggy either. His shirts should be cut close to his body, but not too tight that you see every contour of his torso, or too loose that he looks like he’s drowning in his clothes. If it’s difficult to find clothes that fit him well, accompany him to your neighborhood sastre or modista to get them altered—it’s worth the trip and the minor expense and you’ll both see a big difference.

4. TAKE CARE OF THAT SMILE. Actors know that a sparkling smile is enough to make a room full of people cheer with delight. Remind him to visit his dentist regularly, and get any dental concerns looked at. Having clean, healthy, and white teeth isn’t just good for his dental health, it’ll boost his confidence as well.

5. GET SERIOUS ABOUT FITNESS. Working out isn’t just about looking good. Becoming fit and healthy is the best motivation for getting active. He doesn’t need to join a gym if that isn’t his thing. Walking, biking, running, or even taking the stairs instead of the elevator whenever he can are just some activities he can do to shape up. Help him eat better, too, by picking healthier options when food shopping or eating out.

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Sometimes, focusing on looks does not make the cut. The key to get confidence is through your scent game.

See how #KiligKing @hashtag_r2a sets the bar and how our Blackwater Man @limeisen proves that


Get our Deo Mist for only P120. Available nationwide and online thru Lazada and Shopee.


The 5 Faces Women Make During A Date (And What They Mean)

We can all agree that swipe-right dating and subtweet flirtation have changed the way guys interact with women. You may think your emoji game is top-notch, or that you’ve nailed the art of the suave and non-manyak Facebook comment, but being face-to-face with her is a whole different ball game. Can you actually tell what she’s thinking—or do you find yourself falling flat?

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the most common expressions women make that could hint at what goes on in their minds. They aren’t 100% foolproof by all means, but they should help you figure out what to do in these situations.

The “Tell me more” Face

Portrait of lovely girl with beautiful features. Pretty blonde with charming smile lying in bed with pillows and looking at camera with tenderness. Copy space in left side

Conversations can make or break a date. To see if she’s still interested, observe the way she looks at you. If she’s leaning forward, with her eyes relaxed and locked on you, it’s very likely that you still have her attention. So make the most out of it.

The “Dude, you need to shut up” Face

Tired bored girl sitting and drinking coffee with her boyfriend at a cafe outdoors and looking away

On the flip side—and a lot of men are guilty of this—you have to be able to tell if a conversation is too one-sided. If she’s rolling her eyes or giving you the side eye, you’ve probably lost her interest. Give her a chance to speak by asking her something about herself, or discussing something she can relate to.

The “Excuse me, what did you just say?” Face

Waist-up portrait of beautiful girl with blonde straight hair frowning her face in displeasure, wearing loose long-sleeved sweater, keeping arms folded. Attractive young woman in closed posture.

Though we try to be as tactful and polite as possible, everyone makes mistakes. If you’ve slipped up and said something wrong, you’ll know it. Watch out for the single raised eyebrow, the contemptuous smirk, the pursed lips, or the flared nostrils. Shift to reverse and back up before you drive yourself off a cliff.

The “What the hell is he wearing?” Face

Portrait of disgusted woman, hispanic girl showing disgust for bad smell or taste.

Dressing up with extra effort is SOP, but sometimes, we still fall short. She won’t tell you outright if she’s not digging your outfit (or your hygiene!). Instead, look for the furrowed eyebrows, a wrinkled nose, or a raised upper lip. These are signs for you to pull back and check yourself.

The “I need to get the hell out of here” Face

Disgusted woman rejecting a geek boy offering flowers in a blind date in a coffee shop interior


The last thing you want is to come off as a creep. Lay it on too thick, and you might make her feel uncomfortable, or worse, afraid. Watch what you say and see how she responds. If her face begins to tense up—lips compressed, forehead furrowed—there’s a chance you’ve given her a reason to want to leave. Be polite and respect her boundaries. Give her space, physically and conversationally, before trying again.

The key to having a great time when you’re out on a date is to pay attention. Stop staring into the cold blue light of your smartphone and put your eyes on her instead. You’ll be able to pick up so much more by listening to her and observing her body language.

Impressing her also means putting your best foot forward in all ways—from planning your date and being a perfect gentleman, to making sure you look and smell as good as possible. If you’re looking for the best scent for your next date, check out Blackwater Deo Mist.

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Blackwater Deo Mist (SRP: P120) comes in four variants: Fiery RedGreen HorizonGrey Marble, and Ultra Marine. They’re available in leading supermarkets, drugstores, department stores, and Ever Bilena counters nationwide.



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Blackwater Visits UK

Blackwater visited some famous places of United Kingdom. Here are a few outtakes from the trip.



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