The 5 Faces Women Make During A Date (And What They Mean)

We can all agree that swipe-right dating and subtweet flirtation have changed the way guys interact with women. You may think your emoji game is top-notch, or that you’ve nailed the art of the suave and non-manyak Facebook comment, but being face-to-face with her is a whole different ball game. Can you actually tell what she’s thinking—or do you find yourself falling flat?

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the most common expressions women make that could hint at what goes on in their minds. They aren’t 100% foolproof by all means, but they should help you figure out what to do in these situations.

The “Tell me more” Face

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Conversations can make or break a date. To see if she’s still interested, observe the way she looks at you. If she’s leaning forward, with her eyes relaxed and locked on you, it’s very likely that you still have her attention. So make the most out of it.

The “Dude, you need to shut up” Face

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On the flip side—and a lot of men are guilty of this—you have to be able to tell if a conversation is too one-sided. If she’s rolling her eyes or giving you the side eye, you’ve probably lost her interest. Give her a chance to speak by asking her something about herself, or discussing something she can relate to.

The “Excuse me, what did you just say?” Face

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Though we try to be as tactful and polite as possible, everyone makes mistakes. If you’ve slipped up and said something wrong, you’ll know it. Watch out for the single raised eyebrow, the contemptuous smirk, the pursed lips, or the flared nostrils. Shift to reverse and back up before you drive yourself off a cliff.

The “What the hell is he wearing?” Face

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Dressing up with extra effort is SOP, but sometimes, we still fall short. She won’t tell you outright if she’s not digging your outfit (or your hygiene!). Instead, look for the furrowed eyebrows, a wrinkled nose, or a raised upper lip. These are signs for you to pull back and check yourself.

The “I need to get the hell out of here” Face

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The last thing you want is to come off as a creep. Lay it on too thick, and you might make her feel uncomfortable, or worse, afraid. Watch what you say and see how she responds. If her face begins to tense up—lips compressed, forehead furrowed—there’s a chance you’ve given her a reason to want to leave. Be polite and respect her boundaries. Give her space, physically and conversationally, before trying again.

The key to having a great time when you’re out on a date is to pay attention. Stop staring into the cold blue light of your smartphone and put your eyes on her instead. You’ll be able to pick up so much more by listening to her and observing her body language.

Impressing her also means putting your best foot forward in all ways—from planning your date and being a perfect gentleman, to making sure you look and smell as good as possible. If you’re looking for the best scent for your next date, check out Blackwater Deo Mist.

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Attention Blackwater Gents! Snatch these helpful grooming tips from Roi Sumang, Mike di Gregorio, Anton Roxas, Synjin Reyes, and Isaiah Fermin.

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The Myths And Misconceptions Behind Body Odor


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Here we break down some of myths and misconceptions behind the embarrassing body issue:

Myth #1: What you eat has no effect on body odor
Wrong. Highly pungent foods can leave more than just a case of bad breath. Strong scents can, indeed, permeate skin and trigger body odor. It’s been said that if you want to avoid BO, eat less red meat, garlic, onion, curry and other strong spices.

Myth #2: Only people with poor hygiene have body odor
There is a correlation between poor hygiene and body odor. However, not all cases of body odor is caused by poor hygiene. There are documented cases of people who suffer from bromhidrosis, which is an abnormal and extreme condition caused by a functional disturbance of the sweat-glands. But for most cases, body odor can be alleviated by following good hygiene.

Myth #3: Sweat smells
While there is yet again a correlation between sweat and body odor, sweat, in itself, is not the culprit of BO. Actually, it’s the bacteria present on skin that causes body odor. As bacteria feeds on sweat, it releases a foul scent, which is a waste product.

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