Hopefully, You Never Have To Witness These Gym Fails

THE gym can be a savage place of criticism and scrutiny. It’s a place where you’re sized up the second you walk in. Because of this, #GymFails, like using a machine wrong, or accidentally cutting in on someone’s workout, are somewhat of a taboo. But more than just the normal boo-boos that happen involving equipment, it’s these ones that you really should try to steer clear of, lest you want to irk all the gymgoers.

Mutated sweat glands?



That’s just nasty.






Guys, take note.


Enough already.



Use headphones, buddy.


Get a room!


Hit the showers.



The thing about these fails is that they require you to be more conscientious of your fellow gym-mates. A little consideration goes a long way in a public space like the gym, where bacteria and personal hygiene are major concerns.

And though no one will really comment on body odor (it’s a gym after all—the place is bound to smell like sweat), it’s always a good practice to freshen up when you can, just to keep the smells at bay. A quick and easy way to do so is with Blackwater Dark Pleasure Deo Spray.It helps keep the germs away and keeps you smelling fresh, saving you from awkward gym fails in the process.


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